About Us

Hello everyone,

Thanks for looking on our website for the JEREMIAH TRUST we founded several years ago. Emma and  I have been married for over twenty years and have eight beautiful children. We are registered foster carers with both CYFS and Open Home Foundation. We have completed all neccessary paperwork to be adoptive parents. It has been such a joy and privilege to help out men and women with difficult or even unwanted pregnancies over the years. We pledge to any and every person reading this page the offer of adoption to any pre-born child under any circumstances. The adoption will be open so, if you wish, you can maintain contact with the child, throughout its life. THE JEREMIAH TRUST will pay all neccessary legal fees for the child to be fully adopted into our family under New Zealand adoption law. 

We hope you are insired by our work at the THE JEREMIAH TRUST. 

In His service

Steven and Emma Dunne

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