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What do you do?

We are committed to helping Women in a crisis pregnancy. We are happy to provide holistic options for any woman with an unwanted pregnancy


Why do you do it?

We understand things happen in life. We understand we can all arrive at a certain location and place on our journey that was unplanned for. We genuinely will help guide woman through an unplanned pregnancy as we place, without prejudice, value on both the mother and child.


Do you help anyone?

Yes we do. As followers of Jesus, we acknowledge and recognize the image of God in all of God’s creation. Regardless of age, religious beliefs and background we are here to help.

Do you do any other work?

We have been assisting orphans around the world for over 2 decades. We have also worked with refugees in both New Zealand and various other locations. 

Some of our work has been to provide food assistance locally in New Zealand through the wonderful ministry of Kai With Love. This work is helping approximately 800 families per week in the Tasman region. 

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